In this video I show how to make a glitter cone to accent henna designs. Materials include hair gel (thick sculpting), mica glitter, applicator cone, tape, mixing spoon and dish. Learn to roll a cone Follow me on twitter Friend/Fan me on facebook Shop for henna supplies at Copyright 2010 Free Hand Mehndi

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25 Responses to “How To Make a Glitter Mehndi Cone”

  1. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @imindianru I have a video called “Which materials can I use to make henna applicator cones” It’s a great video.

  2. imindianru says:

    I was just wondering can u use anything other than Mylar paper and that other stuff from your video to make a cone?
    Cause my parents won’t let me buy any more…

  3. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @iza142088 I sell it on my website. You can try using google to find what you are looking for. I’m assuming we don’t live in the same place, so I cant recommend any stores.

  4. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @foreverlikeme I sell it on my website. You can try using google to find what you are looking for. I’m assuming we don’t live in the same place, so I cant recommend any stores.

  5. foreverlikeme says:

    where can i buy mica glitter

  6. iza142088 says:

    where can i get mica glitter from?

  7. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @bebusbhu I don’t know what is in barry m eye shadow so I cant say for sure it would be safe. But if you can use it on your eyes, then I don’t see a problem with using it on your skin.

  8. bebusbhu says:

    Hello… Thank you for this.. I live in the UK and never really heard the term Mica glitter. Can we use Barry M eye shadows?

  9. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @missihavenoname White mica glitter can be used to make glitter cones, but white henna does not exist.

  10. missihavenoname says:

    hey i loved this but do you also no how to make white henna??? plz let me no

  11. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @namiabeera That’s not exactly true. Mica glitter is not called dust, it is also not available in stationary shops (that glitter has metal and is not ok for skin). I don’t know of any make up shop that sells mica glitter in large quantity. It can easily be purchased on the internet in wholesale for those who need it. Please be accurate if you are going to give advice.

  12. namiabeera says:

    dear all…. this MICA GLITTER is known in common language as DUST….
    you can easily buy it from any COSMETICS, as well as STATIONERY shop

  13. measchueax says:

    i luv ur intro its so beautiful.

  14. Cherryhere07 says:

    k thank u so much

  15. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @Cherryhere07 It’ no problem to ask question, we just live in different places, so I don’t know where you can find mica in your state. I will have mica on Monday if you want to order it from my website. The people I buy mica from require a $300 minimum order.

  16. Cherryhere07 says:

    i live in USA IL state if i am asking u may questions i am sorry but i am more interested to do this

  17. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @Cherryhere07 I don’t know where you live, so I cant tell you where to find it. Try using google search.

  18. Cherryhere07 says:

    K I just need small quantity not in a bulk will u please let me know where can I get in small quantities and thank u so much for the reply..

  19. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @Cherryhere07 mica glitter must be ordered from cosmetics company wholesale, it can’t be purchased in the store. Sometimes you can find mica glitter in makeup stores, but it is always small quantity.

  20. Cherryhere07 says:

    I love ur designs and videos i am trying for this mica glitters since 15days i couldn’t find then so can u please help me in getting that in stores

  21. Cherryhere07 says:

    Hi can u please help me where can i get the mica glitters in USA..are they avaliable in wallgreens or CVS like that

  22. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @preteyes It has been almost a month since I made this video, and that exact cone is still in gel form. I keep it stored in a plastic container. It does get a little dry at the tip, but I just squeeze it, and that little dry bit comes out.

  23. preteyes says:

    How long will the cone last in storage?

  24. TheSprinklestar says:

    Thank you very much as I thought it have been micro glitter thank you it’s a pleasure watching your videos I learn something new each time :D

  25. FreeHandMehndi says:

    @TheSprinklestar I am glad you enjoy the videos. Thank you for watching. The glitter is called mica, as in the mica used in makeup pigments. Micro glitter is a different type of glitter.

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